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The Global Cash Index report prepared by in cooperation with Cardtronics deals with an analysis of the current situation relating to the use of cash in Central European markets as the means of payment competing with cards, cheques and direct debits.

The main conclusion coming from the report for 2016 is that cash is the most used form of payment in Central Europe.

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In the list of Central Europe states illustrating the share of cash in the portfolio of expenditures, Poland is 7th in the group of 14 analysed countries, with 41% of payments having been made with cash. The median cash share in the 14 countries was 40.3%.

Historical and forecasted
total cash expenditures in Poland:

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Payments in Poland

Data according to the report of the National Bank of Poland from 2013 entitled: ‘Zwyczaje płatnicze Polaków’ (Payment habits of the Poles)

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18% of all payments are made on a cashless basis with the majority of them made via cards

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82% of total payments are cash payments

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38% of Poles think that cash payment is more convenient than cashless payments