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Petrol stations

Enjoy the full convenience of the use of cash

Cardtronics helps increase profitability for many leading petrol station groups by providing customised cash machine services.

We are proud of the support that we offer to petrol stations on the Polish market. Our experience and research has shown how important it is to provide your customers with convenient access to cash in places where they shop.

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We understand your needs

Cardtronics meets your needs using the most modern ATM technologies to provide:

  •  Profitability and location analysis
  •  Attnedance study
  •  Income forecast
  •  Competition analysis
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Sales network

We provide a dedicated Account Manager for petrol station industry clients with multiple locations. With the goal of maximizing ATM network efficiency, the account manager coordinates installations, provision of cash, customer service and equipment maintenance teams in such a way that their network always works with maximum efficiency.

Some of our petrol station industry clients prefer to use their own brand on the ATMs. In such situations, we adjust our solutions to best meet your needs and expectations.

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"After installation of the ATMs, we reported a noticeable increase of sales. People do not necessarily buy more petrol but they spend much more money in the shop.”

Duncan Morris

Retail Services / Manager MPK Garages


As a well-known and trusted brand in the European market, Cardtronics' services are also available to independent petrol station owners.

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We operate on our own software, Postilion, which is one of the largest and the most reliable systems in the world. Our systems are fully compliant with the PCI and meet the highest safety standards on the market.

We tailor our solutions

In our ATMs, we offer additional specialized services, including:

Free balance checking

Mobile telephone recharge

Cardless access to cash