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ATM outsourcing

The ATM outsourcing service offered by Cardtronics allows you to easily order from one provider the execution of financial operations and management of the ATM network, with the guarantee of network reliability and at the same time with retaining your control and full view of the costs and statuses of the operations.

Thanks to our service, we relieve you from dedicating resources and time for managing the ATM network. Thus, you may focus on what is the most important - on your clients.

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Why outsourcing?

Currently, financial institutions depart from the management of branches and ATMs, adopting strategic distribution models in all channels - standard, digital and interactive.

It brings the following benefits to the clients:

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They may focus on the ATM network development strategy and less on physical management of this network

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They reduce the costs while increasing operating effectiveness

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They sell more products and they provide greater value for clients and shareholders

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They use technology and personnel more effectively

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They eliminate the burden resulting from management of multiple sellers

Being a trusted brand in the financial service industry, operating 225,000 devices,

Cardtronics is the world’s number 1

among non-financial ATM operators.

Available options

ATM service outsourcing solutions are tailored to the specific and differentiated needs of every financial situation.

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Cardtronics will service and manage your existing ATM network, decreasing the costs, while maintaining or increasing the availability of your ATMs.

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You will be using the knowledge of Cardtronics for customised ATM services - from cash management to cash maintenance, from equipment purchase to operating process management.

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Thanks to outsourcing of ATM services, you may “resign from control, while still maintaining control”.

Over 600 reports available for you in the Internet - generated automatically or personalised upon request - will provide you with detailed insight into the operation and effectiveness of the network.

Within this service, we provide the following actions:

  •  Detailed statements for a given ATM
  •  Collective list of transactions for ATM network
  •  ATM profitability
  •  Transaction details for a given ATM
  •  ATM overview
  •  Reports from ATMs


1. What is ATM Outsourcing?

ATM Outsourcing allows financial institutions to use the infrastructure, experience, scale and product portfolio of Cardtronics in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their ATM channel. ATM Outsourcing includes an entire range of services - from individual operating elements to a comprehensive ATM programme. The scope of the implemented service to a great extent depends on and is usually adjusted to the business objectives and strategies of the individual institutions.

2. Do other financial institutions outsource the management of their ATM fleet?

Yes! A lot of regional and national financial institutions in the USA and all over the world base the management of their ATM fleet in whole or in part on the outsourcing model. For example, Pentagon Federal Credit and Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union ordered complex management of their branches and ATMs to Cardtronics. The same is in the case of TD Bank, which outsources the management of a large part of its ATMs located outside its main offices.

3. How much control will we maintain if we outsource the management of our ATMs from an external company?

Cardtronics takes over the management of the ATM fleet but it provides you with insight in its activity thanks to the easy to use Internet management portal, which allows you to have access to hundreds of reports in real time. Card holders want easy and immediate access to cash as well as the possibility to make deposits while our transparent portal guarantees that you will provide them with exact services that they need.

4. Is the hybrid model of outsourcing available?

Yes! You may apply the staged approach and first outsource the management of your ATMs located outside your main offices and then extend the ATM outsourcing to your branches. Together with the ATM services, also branding of the ATMs in retail outlets is delivered, which will not only improve the financial and operating processes but also leads to expansion of your presence on the market.

5. How safe are the outsourcing services of Cardtronics?

We are a listed company and thus we are subject to the same regulations as financial institutions. We maintain the same standards as financial institutions and we hold the required compliance certificates, such as PCI. This differentiates us from a lot of other ATM administrators which do not hold the PCI certificate - it is their partners that hold the certification.