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Banks and ATMs

Over 2,300 financial institutions around the world have trusted Cardtronics and have entrusted us with the management of ATM fleets, thus expanding their presence on the market.

Cardtronics’ ATMs mean:

Software Solutions

The latest hardware and software solutions

Cash Icon

Freedom and safety in access to cash

Trading Platform

Fully functional transactional platform

Transaction Solutions

Innovative solutions enhancing transaction capacity


For the bank

  •  Cardtronics is responsible for building the ATM network
  •  Cardtronics provides full service and management of the ATMs
  •  Cardtronics cares about meeting high-quality standards
  •  Protection of clients against competitors’ advertisements while using the ATM.
  •  Up-/cross-selling of products through broadcasting own advertisements on ATM screens

For the clients

  •  Free access to the ATMs - the client does not pay any transaction commission
  •  Possibility to withdraw and deposit cash
  •  All transactions are settled in real time, which provides optimum service to the users

Enhancement of commercial possibilities allows the bank to:

  •  Increase penetration of current accounts, cards, remunerations and payment products in the base of its non-engaged clients
  •  Enhance the attractiveness of the bank for its SME clients through offering a deposit option in the ATMs
  •  Acquire new clients thanks to extending the commercial reach - the ATM itself may be the point of sale and the tool influencing new clients
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Operating model and
scope of provided services:

  •  Cardtronics manages the entire process, from acquisition of the ATMs through their installation up to effective dispensation of cash
  •  All ATMs remain the property of Cardtronics
  •  Provision of cash to the ATMs and collection of the deposited cash is realised by BZ WBK
  •  We guarantee the level of ATM service that is unrivalled on the market; we are responsible for the issues connected with maintenance of the ATMs, with minimum contribution from the side of the bank, thanks to which the bank may focus its time and efforts on its clients


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Cardtronics cooperates closely with the leading manufacturers of ATMs around the world, inter alia NCR, Diebold and Wincor Nixdorf. Cardtronics is particularly connected with NCR in strategic and global terms as well as provides NCR with regular feedback from ATM implementations.

These opinions are used by NCR not only for improving the quality of the existing ATM line in the retail sphere but also help NCR in designing future ATM products and solutions.

Management of ATM installation

ATM Image

Cardtronics provides a complex set of ATM installation services, from the concept to realisation and finally to deactivation of services. In particular, it provides the following services:

  •  Designing, planning and review
  •  Building and contructing
  •  Diagnostics
  •  Installation, commissioning and deactivation of services
  •  Project management and planning

The best location of the ATM - from the view point of maximising the value of withdrawals and income - is the external wall next to the entrance to the bank branch. However, internal installations may be equally successful if the ATM is located in a proper place, ensuring maximisation of benefits.

ATM software and transaction processing

Transactions in Poland are processed by our partner, BZ WBK Bank, and the cost thereof is the own cost of Cardtronics.

Cardtronics’ ATMs use their own software. However, there is a possibility to install additional functionalities or equipment.

Cash transit

The services of replenishment of cash in the ATMs, its processing and forecasting are provided by the certified partner, BZ WBK, representing the best operating practices and the top market level.

ATM maintenance and servicing

The customer service team of our company and our engineers closely monitor all ATM operation errors in order to identify recurring faults and potential trends as well as try to anticipate the occurrence of problems so they can provide the highest level of service.

All of these tactics result in the fact that we consistently achieve great results on the all markets in which we operate.

Helpdesk and customer support

Cardtronics provides 24/7 support through: free telephone numbers, e-mail contact, contact through the website


We make every effort to minimise any security risks. We do it before the installation of every machine, making sure that every ATM has all security devices and sensors installed and operating as well as checking the safety of the site’s location as well as its equipment with all the mandatory safeguards.

When a machine is commissioned, Cardtronics monitors the network and manages all security incidents that may occur as well as reports them immediately to the competent bodies. All ATMs, equipment, location and cash are insured by Cardtronics.

Key Performance Indicators

In order to achieve the top level of services, Cardtronics agrees with the bank on relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as on the principles relating to the manner of their measurement. We maintain very high performance standards for a large ATM fleet - we do it on a daily basis.

We employ highly-qualified employees, guaranteeing a high level of services.


We realise the fact that every bank has a powerful brand positioning strategy; no-one understands your clients better than you do, and without this understanding it would be difficult for you to design your brand.

Cardtronics has vast experience in close cooperation with clients regarding their own branding of their ATMs as well as on creation of simple but also effective POS materials, relating both to the client’s own brand and to the ATM products under the Cardtronics brand.

Account Management

We realise the fact that delivering ATMs to bank locations, our clients become your clients and vice-versa. In doing so we represent the bank’s brand, so our personal responsibility is of enormous significance here.

Consequently, all executive levels in Cardtronics are fully engaged in management and development of relationships between both parties, which allows us to maintain our status of the leading provider.